North Leigh Energy Project Given Green Light

The feasibility study for the energy labelling of North Leigh project has now been completed. Members of the Village, North Leigh Parish council and industry experts looked into various ways of labelling the Village and an appropriate method of labelling the village has been established.

The steering group along with the Thames Valley Energy Centre have now approached West Oxfordshire District Council for funding to take the project forward to phase two.


Phase two of the project will involve monitoring the village’s energy use over the next 2 years with the aim of producing an energy label like you would find on a new domestic appliance. We will need as many villagers as possible to participate in this monitoring exercise by taking a reading of their gas and electric meters – or for those on solid fuel or oil, to make a record of their usage.

We hope that everyone in the village will support this unique project that will really put North Leigh on the map. By participating in the project householders will become more energy aware and will be given guidance on how to make low / no cost improvements to their property, saving energy and money in the process.

If you live in North Leigh and are interested in participating in the project please call us on 0800 512012.

Are you realizing the hidden value in your property?

New research from the Energy Saving Trust reveals that sellers should be focusing on energy efficiency home improvements such as updating old out-dated central heating systems to boost the saleability of their properties, as two thirds (64%) of potential buyers are put off buying a home they like because the energy-saving measures aren’t up to scratch.

The research shows that would-be home sellers are adding novelty extras to their homes in an effort to attract a more favourable offer, however these cosmetic ‘improvements’ are not appealing to buyers. One in seven respondents were considering installing a Jacuzzi, while one in ten believed installing a home bar or even a fish pond would help push up the asking price for their property.

However, the research revealed that buyers are less concerned about whether they can serve up a Martini in their front room and are instead concerned with more fundamental considerations. A significant 64% of those surveyed said they would be more interested in a home with energy saving features such as double glazing or loft insulation.

A specialist mortgage advisor from told us ‘there is an increasing trend for buyers to look for energy saving features when viewing properties: “Energy efficiency is high on the agenda for home movers, with many demanding a potential new home contains features such as high efficiency condensing boilers and loft and cavity wall insulation. With this in mind, those thinking of putting their homes on the market might be well advised to consider lagging the loft over the bank holiday weekend instead of digging a hole for a new fish pond in the back garden.”

Energy Saving Trust research has also shown that the right home improvements can add up to £10,000 to a home’s value, so in order to keep sellers on track when planning their DIY chores this weekend the Energy Saving Trust has teamed up with TV property expert Naomi Cleaver to put together a ‘Hidden Value Guide’. The guide contains advice for sellers on the energy saving home improvements that can add real value to the property, as well as helpful hints and tips for buyers to consider when purchasing a new home.

How energy efficient is your home?

You could be saving up to £250 a year on your energy bills, as well as around two tonnes of C02 a year by following the tips on your personalised Home Energy Check report.

With the cost of gas and electricity rising, there are still ways to save on your fuel bills” says Jackie Williams, Energy Advisor, “Fortunately you can reduce your home’s energy demand, and therefore your fuel bill, by adequately insulating your home. “

Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing mankind. Energy use in our homes is one of the key contributors to this representing over a quarter of all UK carbon dioxide emissions. By saving 20% of the energy you use every day you’ll be doing your bit to prevent climate change.

For a free report with ideas on how you can save energy around your home, visit the Energy Saving Trust and complete your on-line Home Energy Check today!

Vale of White Horse District Council signs Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change

TVEC are pleased to be working with the Vale of White Horse District Council in developing a climate change strategy and action plan.

On 10 March 2020, Vale of White Horse Council signed the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change. In doing so, they joined over 200 other local councils who have committed to tackling the causes and effects of a changing climate on their district.

Climate Change is now without question a priority issue requiring action at all levels. Local Authorities have it within their power to make a significant impact on the climate-changing effects of their locality, and they also have a responsibility to make appropriate provision for adaptation in readiness for inevitable climatic change.

TVEC are already assisting the following councils to develop climate change strategies and action plans: Reading Borough, Cherwell District, Chiltern District, Bracknell Forest, West Oxfordshire and Bedford Borough.

Our Housing Associations

Key Services for Housing Associations

  • Sustainable Energy Support Team
  • Licensed EcoHomes Assessors
  • Social Housing Energy Forum
  • Energy Awareness Training
  • Support for Tenant Energy Saving Campaigns


We have a range of services that we can offer Housing Associations and other social housing providers.

Our Sustainable Energy Support Team can help with the development of strategies to reduce your carbon footprint. We operate a Social Housing Energy Forum for social housing professionals to share best practice and to disseminate information on new technologies and initiatives. We are licensed for EcoHomes with 3 qualified assessors, and offer a full consultancy service.

We can also support campaigns on Energy Efficiency and provide training to front line staff on Energy Awareness.

Sustainable Energy Support Team

Our Sustainable Energy Support Team can help you to develop and implement sustainable energy strategies; reducing carbon emissions and creating actions which will lead to successful energy efficient programmes for your tenants.

Licensed EcoHomes Assessors

As licensed EcoHomes Assessors we can offer a full, bespoke EcoHomes rating service.

Our Sustainable Energy Support Team can also offer advise and support on EcoHomes and provide design advice on achieving a higher rating. We can also conduct research into new technologies and their impact on the EcoHomes rating.

Social Housing Energy Forum

The purpose of the Social Housing Energy Forum is to provide an arena in which Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords, in the Thames Valley area, can meet to debate and bring value to the region by sharing good practice, utilising the knowledge and skills of external partners and improving access to available funding to improve energy efficiency in the home.

The forum was launched in December 2004. The agenda for the forum is set by the members and so far we have focused on incorporating energy efficiency measures in new build developments, and energy awareness raising for tenants. Membership is free and new members are always welcome.

Energy Awareness Training

Our Energy Awareness Training is a half-day course covering the basics of energy efficiency. The course can be tailored for different audiences and can be part of an overall internal or external campaign to drive down energy costs and increase efficiencies.

The course provides people with the context for energy saving, highlights the savings that can be achieved, and equips them with practical knowledge that they can easily implement in their homes or at work. The aim of the session is for the attendees to become “Energy Champions” and to pass on good practice to their friends and colleagues.

Support for Tenant Energy Saving Campaigns

Energy saving campaigns with tenants can make affordable housing truly affordable. We are currently working with Cottsway Housing Association to develop a welcome pack for new tenants giving advice on how to save energy and reduce their utility bills in their new home.

Energy saving in the home

Key Services

  • Free Energy Saving Advice
  • Free Home Energy Check
  • Promoting Energy Saving products
  • Energy Saving presentations and training


TVEC deals with over 30,000 householder contacts annually, through our free phone telephone lines, various websites, and the Home Energy Check survey.

We also promote energy efficiency in the Thames Valley area through regular appearances on the local radio and television, and articles in the local press.

A large proportion of the calls we take are for the various schemes and initiatives that we manage, to promote Energy Saving Products. We currently have a discount insulation scheme and a scheme promoting solar thermal technology.

Free Energy Saving Advice

We are a local operator for the Energy Saving Trust providing free, impartial and expert advice on energy saving in the home. We cover Oxfordshire and western Berkshire. The free phone number to call is 0800 512 012.

Free Home Energy Check

The Home Energy Check is a way of assessing the energy efficiency of your home. By completing this simple questionnaire on-line, we will be able to provide you with a personalised report on energy saving in your home with recommendations on what action you can take.

It’s FREE and what’s more the results are instant so you can find out how energy efficient your home is right now!!! Complete your home energy check now!

Promoting Energy Saving products

TVEC promotes energy saving products through various schemes. For details of the current offers visit Grants and Schemes.

Energy Saving presentations and training

Through the support of the Energy Saving Trust we can offer free presentations to local groups and societies on Energy Saving in the home. We can also offer energy saving training to individuals or groups who work with members of the public and can pass on their knowledge through their work.

Renewable Energy

Key Services

  • Solarsavers
  • Advice on renewable energy
  • Funding advice


TVEC has a growing portfolio of renewable energy projects, both small and large scale, that we have actively been involved in.

Working in partnership with other organisations, we hope to encourage the take up of renewable technologies in the Thames Valley area, and to compliment the work we do on energy conservation.

We are currently working on specifying and tendering for a Ground Source Heat Pump for West Oxfordshire District Council. This will be a 30kW system providing heating and hot water for their Depot building in Witney. The installation is being part-funded by a grant from the Clear Skies programme and should be installed by November 2005.


Solarsavers gives householders in the Thames Valley area access to quality-assured installers of solar thermal systems. The scheme aims to provide advice and support to householders who are interested in the technology, and to ensure that the installers on the scheme receive quality leads.

TVEC was appointed by South Oxfordshire District Council and the Vale of White Horse District Council to manage the scheme 2 years ago and we have seen the scheme grow to include the membership of 15 Local Authorities. The scheme has been responsible for over 40 solar thermal installations.

Advice on renewable energy

All TVECs staff have undergone renewable energy training and have a good knowledge of renewable energy systems. We can provide you with basic advice on the different types of renewable energy technology available.

Funding advice

There are sources of funding and support for Renewable Energy projects. We continually monitor these sources of funding and their criteria so we can advise you on whether your project will qualify for funding.


Key Services

  • Facilitation and secretariat services
  • SEPTvR
  • Regional and Sub-regional representation
  • Project Partnering


TVEC is a strong advocate of partnership working and has developed strong ties with many other leading environmental organisations, local councils and housing associations in the region.

Partnership working allows us to compliment our strengths and expertise with those of other organisations and provide a robust financial framework for managing projects.

Within the South East Region we are working with the key partners including all the sustainable energy agencies, GOSE, SEEDA and SEERA to help shape regional carbon reduction strategies.

Facilitation and secretariat services

We provide secretariat services to a number of local networks. We also have trained facilitators amongst our staff who can utilise group working techniques to explore issues and generate new ideas.

SEPTvR – Sustainable Energy Partnership for the Thames Valley RegionSEPTvR – Sustainable Energy Partnership for the Thames Valley Region

SEPTvR is a partnership of organisations working together to deliver significant carbon reductions in the communities of the Thames Valley.

The Partnership aims to be an effective network delivering social, economic and environmental benefits through sustainable energy initiatives.

TVEC is currently carrying out the secretariat duties for the SEPTvR Steering group and also co-ordinates a number of working groups within the network.

Regional and Sub-regional representation

The Energy Saving Trust has a vision to restore its national network of operating agencies into a smaller number of larger Sustainable Energy Centres (SECs), dealing with a much wider remit than just domestic energy saving. TVEC has been appointed by the Energy Saving Trust to act as the coordinator with the regional actors.

The aim is to engage with the regional players and all the other Energy Saving Centres to ensure that the South East is well-placed to receive and deliver the two SECs that are likely to operate in the South East. This is an opportunity that will bringing together a range of partners to ensure that the South East plays its role in the delivery of the aims of the Energy White Paper.

Project Partnering

TVEC is always interested to here from other organisations about new projects. We have specific skills which may be utilised to the benefit of a project or we may be able to bring in additional funding or resources. We are also happy to provide letters of support to projects which we feel will have environmental benefits for the region and where our support of the project with be of benefit.

We also from time to time seek partners for our own projects so, if you are an organisation that operates in our area and have not worked with us before, then get in touch so that we can discover how we might help each other.

Energy Awareness Session

With all the statutory functions we undertake, we simply don’t have the time to dedicate to HECA Reporting – TVEC are cost effective, have the expertise and provide a clear audit trail
Oliver Pilgrim, District Surveyor – Cherwell District Council

Costs for services vary depending upon the extent of the work involved. Some of our services may be offered to clients free of charge as part of our contract with the Energy Saving Trust.

If you have an energy project in mind which does not seem to be covered then give us a call to discuss and we can advise you of the potential costs involved. For any non-standard activity, TVEC would be happy to provide you with a detailed quote. This would be based in part on our standard rates stated below.

Standard Rates

Staff costs:

Centre Manager—£350 per day (£50 per hour)
Project Manager—£275 per day (£40 per hour)
Project Assistant—£225 per day (£32 per hour)

Subsistence and travel costs:

If required subsistence and travel are charged at cost. Car travel is charged at 40p per mile.

Training Sessions

Our Energy Awareness half day training session costs £250 plus subsistence and travel (maximum of 10 people per session). This includes the supply of all course material and equipment but does not include the hire of a venue. We can also provide tailor made training sessions with a day rate of £400.

Top 10 Energy Tips

  • Set your thermostat at between 19 and 21° C. Every 1° C above this adds 10% on to your fuel bills.
  • Remember to turn lights off when leaving a room. It’s a myth that florescent tubes use more energy to switch them on than they use when they are on. Switch them off when not required.
  • When the TV is not in use, turn it off rather than use standby. To find out how much your TV and other appliances use when they are left on standby use our calculator.
  • Don’t overfill the kettle for just one drink, but remember that with electric kettles the element always needs to be covered. Jug kettles need less water as they have smaller elements.
  • Replacing ordinary light bulbs with energy saving ones will use around a quarter of the electricity. To find out how much you could save use our light bulb calculator.
  • A hot water tank jacket costs only a few pounds and can pay for itself in energy savings within a few months.
  • Don’t leave the fridge door open for longer than necessary, and try to avoid putting warm food straight into the fridge – wait until it has cooled down.
  • Wait until you have a full load before using the washing machine, or use the half-load or economy programme if your machine has one.
  • Stored water should be heated to around 60°C This is high enough to kill off dangerous bacteria and is plenty warm enough for bathing and washing.
  • Cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and other measures can help make considerable energy savings and there are grants available to help those on income or disability related benefits. Anyone over the age of 60 can claim a proportion of the grant towards these energy saving measures.